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Back of each bag

Here the consumer sees our Origin Sticker stating where the produce was grown. This also displays our consumer web site, where consumers can log on to see photos of the farmer, farm, packing shed, learn more about the consumer to farm connection, and find a growing wealth of consumer recipes and other important produce and produce-related information.

In addition, the back of the bag outlines health facts and handling tips.

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3 lb. Yellow Cooking Onions

The “Onion Sauté” recipe on the front of the bag and “Classic Onion Soup” recipe on the back of the bag reminds consumers of two quick, easy and healthy ways to prepare onions.
We also have a year-around Organic program, indicated by a sticker on the front of the bag.
The back of the bag carries and Origin sticker with the grower, their certification number, and the correct UPC code.

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5 lb. Yellow Cooking Onions

Here, we’ve used the same recipes as on the 3 lb bag. Unless you request otherwise, we use a larger sized medium for this bag.

Keep in mind we are flexible and can pack any size onion you specify.

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3 lb. White Onions

Since white onions are used in many Hispanic dishes, we included Hispanic recipes. On the front of the bag “Southwest Shredded Beef” (great for tacos, Sloppy Joes and burritos). On the back: “Grilled Tomatillo Chicken Buritos.”

These are both easy-to-prepare recipes that are out of this world.

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2 lb. Sweet Onions

We can pack any sweet onions you want in this bag (Mauis, Peruvians, Walla Walls, Vidalias, 1015’s, Mexican Spring Sweets, OSO Sweets). We print the UPC code as we pack the onions. A sticker on the front of each bag identifies the variety. The recipe on the front shows a wonderful wany to eat a sweet onion; on the back of the bag is a Creamy Onion Dip recipe that is out of this world.

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3 lb. Red Onions

This bag includes two recipes with a little kick: “Special Hamburgers” on the front and “Tropical Pineapple Onion Salsa” on the back.

These are two great recipes you can fix any time of the year.

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3 lb. Red Italian
Sweet Onions

These two recipes, “Marinated Roasted Onions” on the front and “Onions & Cucumber Salad” on the back, are easy summertime recipes that will not disappoint.

We carry this onion for nine months (March thru November). We’ve found that it generates quite a loyal following.

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5 lb. Idaho Potatoes

Packing an Idaho potato into this upscale bag separates it from russets that are packed in poly. On the front of the bag, we explain what makes and Idaho Potato different from the rest.

On the back of the bag is a recipe for “Scalloped Potatoes with Jarlsberg and Dijon.”




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1.5 lb. Walnuts

This bag will make your walnut sales go through the roof!

On the front, a “Walnut Pie” photo and recipe. On the back, a “Raw Apple Walnut Cake” photo and recipe.

Call us now to get this program going for this fall.


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